SUP at Lake Tahoe

SUP around Lake Tahoe

Stand Up Paddle Lake Tahoe or SUP at Lake Tahoe

I bought my Bliss Stand UP Paddle Board last year. I was a former outrigger canoe racer when I lived on Maui. So standing on an SUP was easy for me. Infact my daughter and dog both like to come out and enjoy the water with me.  Having an SUP is a great way for me to get out on my schedule, and enjoy the beautiful smooth water of Lake Tahoe.

Today, I took my dog Korry and went east around Dollar Point and past Chinquipin to the far buoy field market. Round trip is only about an hour and a half. It’s a great way to take a long lunch break.

Queensland Healer loves to SUP

As the summer progresses, I will go out on different paddles and tell you more.  Today, I left from Bristle Cone beach just east of the coast guard station in Tahoe City.  It’s easy to unload my board right onto the beach. Very few people, and I can paddle directly from the beach since the lake level is so high this year.

Enjoy Stand Up Paddling Around Lake Tahoe