How can I sell my Home Fast and for the Highest price?

Check out my top 10 tips to selling your Tahoe Home146 Tiger Tail

1. Before you do anything  hire an experience agent who works with a team of professionals to get your home ready for the market. I have a team that will work to get your home ready for the market. This can save you thousands of dollars and your valuable time.  If you do this… Skip to 10.

2.  Take the personal photos and nick knacks away. You need to pack this stuff away any ways since you’ll be selling.

Cleaning Products3. Remove furniture that is older than 10 years from the home. Old tired furniture “dates” a home.

4. Have a major cleaning of home… Closets, Cupboards, Walls, Windows. Carpet bathrooms. Replace carpets if they are more than 15 years old. Get a top to bottom cleaning of the home to get rid of any dust bunnies and make every area of your home “shine”

5. Clean or Paint the walls … If there are numerous marks it may more sense to just paint them.. do this before you replace the carpets.  Make sure the colors you choose are neither bright white nor do off the current market pallet of colors.  Buyers are looking at many homes and usually are quite up on the current colors that are “in style” . Neon is Never in style…

6. Stage your home with Fluffy Pillows and Quality Bedding. Tahoe or Mountain stylebedroom01 prints and decorative items

7. Make sure front porch and front of home is spray washed and free of pine needles and other dibre . Put a lovely doormat to welcome buyers.

8. Air out home if it hasn’t been used in awhile. Leaving the windows open for a few days will really help get the closed up smell out.

9 . Lights and Heating. Make sure all the lights are the highest watt for that light fixture. This is especially true if your home does not have a lot of south facing windows or is surrounded by trees.  No One likes a dark home… Everyone is looking for a home with lots of “light” . Don’t let your home get COLD… no one wants to view a home that is colder inside than outside.

10. Don’t over upgrade. You are selling this home, so just need to make it appeal to the majority of buyers. If you are getting ready to put it on the market don’t put in a whole new kitchen or bathroom. Sometimes just replacing counter tops for flooring makes all the difference in the world.

tahoe chalet10 . Price your home right. Did you know that if you price your home 20% over market value you will loose 80% of the buyers looking in that price range?

I am happy to personalize the most current market analysis for your home. Give me a call, and we won’t have to play games like the two characters above.